A Fun Activity for Your Infant: 'Ribbon Flutter'

THE MAGICAL YEARS; 101 Activities to help your Infant, Toddler or Preschooler Grow and Thrive contains droves of fun, engaging activities for youngsters. Below you'll find the activity, Ribbon Flutter, for use by parents and caregivers of babies. 

Activity 4: Ribbon Flutter

This highly enjoyable engages your baby’s ability to focus by having him or her reach for a ribbon. Talk to your baby while you are waving the ribbons. This activity focuses primarily on developing movement.


1. Introduce and stimulate movement
2. Introduce new positions
3. Build security and trust


1. Ribbons
2. Fingerplays/songs
3. Infant Books

*Prepare: Cut the ribbons to short lengths. Tie a bundle of 4-6 ribbons together at one end with more ribbon. Hang the ribbons or hold them, but they should be placed where the baby cannot reach them.


1.      Give the baby the colored ribbons.

2.      Wave the ribbons back and forth as the baby's eyes follow.

3.      Describe what the baby is seeing (i.e., different colors, movement, etc.).

4.      Place the baby in different positions or carry him or her in your arms so they can see the ribbons from different angles.

5.      Swing the ribbons until baby loses interest.

6.      Finish with a quiet story.

Skills Developed:

Listening skills / Visual movement / Focusing / Builds brain function

To learn more about the book, and see the full 101 activities, visit marlenelerer.com


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